Greenwich Village Story di Jack O’Connel (1963)

Greenwich Village Story di Jack O’Connel (1963)

Greenwich Village Story di Jack O’Connel (1963)

Brian, an award-winning writer who is working to complete his first novel, lives in Greenwich Village with Genie, a ballet dancer waiting for a break. Despite financial difficulties, they are happy members of the bohemian community, sharing in the hope that they will find themselves through honest self-expression. Genie hopes that they will marry; when she becomes pregnant she tries to persuade Brian without revealing her condition. He tells her that he will marry her if his novel is accepted; instead the book is greeted as immature and pretentious. Anne, a wealthy admirer, persuades Brian to join her for a weekend at her father’s estate. Genie, afraid that she is losing him, visits an illegal abortionist. Brian returns home filled with remorse, but it is too late: Genie dies as a result of the operation and Brian is left heartbroken.

Greenwich Village Story by Jack O’Connell shows the Village in the early sixties, teeming crowds in Washington Square Park, impromptu hootenany sessions, beatnik poets reciting by candlelight in coffee houses. Scenes are picturesque and germane to Jack O’Connell’s tale of young love and desire for a place in the arts in Gotham. The film was invited to the Berlin, Venice and Locarno Film Festivals. 


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