Allen Ginsberg – First Blues

first blues


– First Blues [Mp3 256 kbps]

.: Dati Album :.

Titolo: First blues
Anno: 1983
Genere: Spoken, Rock
Etichetta: Water Music

.: Tracklist :.


Disk: 1

1. Going To San Diego
2. Vomit Express
3. Jimmy Berman (Gay Lib Rag)
4. NY Youth Call Annunciation
5. CIA Dope Calypso
6. Put Down Yr Cigarette Rag
7. Sickness Blues
8. Broken Bone Blues
9. Stay Away From White House
10. Hard-on Blues
11. Guru Blues

Disk: 2

1. Everybody Sing
2. Gospel Nobel Truths
3. Bus Ride Ballad To Suva
4. Prayer Blues
5. Love Forgiven
6. Father Death Blues
7. Dope Fiend Blues
8. Tyger
9. You Are My Dildo
10. Old Pond
11. No Reason
12. My Pretty Rose Tree
13. Capitol Air

: vocals, harmonium, finger cymbals, song sticks
David Amram: French horn, flute, recorder, piano, hi-hat
Perry Robinson: clarinet,
Bob Dylan: guitar
Happy Traum: banjo
Jon Sholle: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, harmonizer, maracas, drums
Surya: zither; Moruga: drums
Arthur Russell: cello, tambourine
David Mansfield: mandolin, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar, violin
Stephen Taylor: recorder, guitar, conga
Peter Orlovsky: vocals

.: Recensione :.

This double CD hit the shelves briefly in 1983 but was remaindered and shreded shortly after it’s release due to a record lable shakedown. Produced by John Hammond Sr, featuring the likes of Bob Dylan, Arthur Russel, Peter Orlovsky, and many more, it’s long overdue reissue is finally here, liner notes and all, thanks to the good folks at Water Records.



.: Dati Tecnici :.

[ Info sul file ] Nome: – First Blues – 01 – Going to San Diego – 4.16.mp3
Data: 19/05/2006 12:16:42
Dimensione: 8,196,096 bytes (7.816 MB)
[ ID3 tags ] Lead performer(s)/soloist(s: Allen Ginsberg
Title/songname/content desc: Going to San Diego
Album/movie/show title: First Blues
Content type: Blues
Obsolete frame: TYER
Track number/position in se: 1
Recording time: 1975
[ Info generiche ] Tipo di file: MPEG-1 Layer III
Encoder: LAME3.96r
Initial skip: 1,590 bytes
MPEG frames: 9803
Durata: 00:04:16 (256.078367 s)
Bitrate: 256 kbps CBR
Frequenza: 44100 Hz
Emphasis: none
Mode: stereo
Padding: Sì


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